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Yet again a wave of an unknown virus sweeps across the world. Countries fell under the yoke of infection and crazed citizens. But as they say, it takes a madman to stop a madman. Take control of one of the wicked characters and settle your scores with the world order in this top-down shooter.

Planned features of the full game
Co-op gameplay for two
Survive in a world full of madness and danger with a friend. Complete unique missions available only for cooperative games.
Aim shooting:
Aimed shooting has impact:
the head – get critical damage;
the legs – slow down the enemy;
the hands – neutralize the enemy
Find, repair and drive cars of various kinds.
Buildings with loot
Most buildings in the game are not just for the sake of a beautiful facade. They can be entered and loot can be collected inside.
Reputation and factions
Earn reputation among several warring factions to get valuable loot and specific quests.
Playable characters
Find and complete quests to expand your collection of playable characters. Including references to TV shows and action movies of the 90s.
Useful consumables
Use first-aid kits, gobble up different pills, guzzle alcohol – use whatever you find to survive and succeed in the world of madness
Hearing and Noise
Each character has its own hearing score and the amount of noise he emits. With the help of hearing, you can determine the direction of the enemy, its quantity and even quality. Without making any noise, you can try to avoid unnecessary battles and save ammunition.
Improve your character with found drugs or items that are added to the status. For example the epinephrine found will allow you to run faster for a while, and if you own a medical dropper this will prolong the effect.

Longread Lore
It is the nineties

Somewhere in a backyard of a democratic country, in the middle of nowhere, a private organization named “Monsardo” has launched a research complex. And, of course, it has started to conduct experiments on the creation of biological weapons there. Everything is happening in the best traditions of such organisations: there are white tents everywhere, corn fields, airplanes with pesticides and people in chemical suits. One small mistake is enough. One time the pesticide gets sprayed over the civilian fields and this leads to a local biological disaster.

An old marine Marvin Prods gets caught in the center of the events, as well as his neighbor’s granddaughter, Lilith De Buansche, who came to the place on vacation. The Old man never liked his neighbor, as well as people in general. But the laconic neighbor’s granddaughter was able to become the old man’s soul mate. She often helped him in the barn, looked after the greenhouse and loved to tinker with scrap in the old cabin.

One day the girl was listening as usual to something she caught on the radio, some talks of the pilots who flew to irrigate the fields with secret pesticides. This time they mumbled and growled something, and then she heard an explosion from her farm. Lilith ran out towards the farm and saw her grandfather lumbering clumsily towards her, a green tint on his skin. He muttered gibberish for some time and finally pulled his hands toward the girl to try and choke her, but at that moment a pitchfork had struck his side – old man Marvin arrived just in time. True, but the girl herself was too not a sissy, and when she rushed out into the street, she grabbed a shotgun lying under the table in the cabin so she hastened to discharge a shot into the monster that her former grandfather had become.

When our heroes decided to get out of the wilderness into the city, they saw that the familiar and hated world they knew was gone, The Wicked one was there instead.

Core i5-4690K (4400 Ghz)
Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2
16 Gb TEAM DDR3-2400 2x8GB
27″AOC e2795Vh

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