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In this final episode of Series 1, Steve talks about how plants transmit their genes, Helen eavesdrops on whales and Matt decodes spacecraft transmissions. Plus a song about the bravest little transmitter in the known universe.

00:48 – Steve’s bit
14:13 – Matt’s bit
28:38 – Helen’s bit
41:42 – The Philae Song

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Come for the Unnecessary Detail. Stay for the A Podcast Of.

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By popular demand, we’ve put our complete show notes here in this episode description. There’s a web version on the episode page, also linked above.

Podcast shout outs! Steve mentions a few fab podcasts in this episode, and they are:

– Level Up Human:
– Chemistry In Its Element:
– Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet?

Corrections and clarifications:

– None so far.

And here’s a heap of unnecessary detail from this episode:

– What does a cashew apple actually look like?
– A visual guide to Golay code, including the beautiful Generator Matrix by Life Of Riley:
– Matt doing his barcode trick on the Hammersmith Apollo stage:
– Listen to Sperm Whale codas from the Domenica Sperm Whale Project:
– Get involved in Citizen Science with right now!
– More about Whale FM:
– More about Manatee Chat:

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