Splatoon 2: Helping at the front in Rainmaker [2-3, Carbon Roller]

I’m lucky not to get caught in the Rainmaker explosion, and although a little unlucky with the Chicken Bomb throw, it nearly finds a target anyway. The Rainmaker remains curiously untouched, right until I think about it, and the green team make their move. My squidmates are back in position, though, and splat it quickly, as I cover the front.

We steal the lead, although not by much, and as I try to ink ahead of me a Dynamo Roller is lining me up from the side. I take the short route back down the side, which helps me get splatted much more quickly than normal, so I calm down and roll out of the base. It’s a good job too, as the green team are coming our way.

I’m there to stop the Rainmaker, even if I don’t get the splat, and apply some forward pressure on the Blaster with a Chicken Bomb or two. With my Ink Storm charged, I head down our flank to help cover all that green ink, my squidmate with the Rainmaker coming this way too. I try to provide an inky path, and push up to engage the Splatterscope, but my Ink Storm can’t do enough about the green ink to avoid the inevitable splatting.

Circumstances don’t look good for a super-jump, so I take the slow route back. My squidmates are ahead and providing good coverage, though, and I arrive as one of them grabs the Rainmaker and surges in to a lead that looks good for a follow-up dunking. I do well to splat the Blaster out of the way, and my Inkjetting squidmate provides a good distraction for the Splatterscope, as well as a lot of ink on the Rainmaker’s shield.

I’m there to grab the Rainmaker and move up to the podium, and don’t waste time with an unnecessary full charge. But my aim is a bit low. Can I squid to the top of the podium from there? Just! Woomy!

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