Patrick Moore on How “Green” Forest Mismanagement Caused the California Wildfire Disaster

On a special bonus episode of Power Hour Alex Epstein interviews Patrick Moore, ecologist and cofounder of Greenpeace, on the realm causes of California’s wildfire disaster. Moore pins the blame squarely on “green” forest mismanagement.

Topics covered include:
* What are the top policy changes necessary to prevent dangerous, out of control wildfires (not the same as fires)?
* How does private vs. government ownership of land affect the likelihood of dangerous fires?
* What are the major drivers of dangerous, out of control wildfires?
* What places in the world have the best wildfire management?
* How have government policies changed for the worse in the US?
* How do you respond to claims that these fires are inevitable because of climate changes?
* Dr. Moore’s forthcoming book on invisible catastrophes.

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