Tools Of Destruction: How Modern Weapons Evolved Throughout History

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Weapons are fascinating tools of destruction, they can destroy and push people’s opinions in a certain direction. They can be used to achieve goals that without them wouldn’t be possible. They’re also the tools that can directly cause a lot of horrors, as history can tell you.

The history of weapons basically started when someone picked up a rock or stick and decided to bash in the head of another human being. Thousands of years later, there is the tank in the first world war. Not too long after that, there’s modern weaponry which is constantly changing due to the needs to combat groups. Whether it be creating a lighter version of a gun so a soldier can go on long patrols or simply adding a large collar to a bulletproof vest so that same soldier doesn’t die from shrapnel hitting them in that area. These things are being improved to save lives, however, It almost seems like weapons have existed and been advanced simply to make killing each other more efficient over time.

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