Solo Dark Inquisitor Xanesh [World First]

Today we will be conquering another raid boss!
After failing for a bit and having two 1% wipes in a row… I managed to down the boss with the right trash setup!

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Important Traits:
Bulwark of Light

Important Essence:
Conflict and Strife (major)
Aegis of the Deep (minor)

Important Trinkets:
Trajectory Analysis (Punch Card from Mechagon)


Overall I would say this one was tougher than Hivemind, because there was a lot of trash management involved. It is similar to my Portal Keeper Hasabel solo in Antorus. You can’t allow the Swarmkeeper adds to die or you will run out of smaller adds to boost your output.

Because of this I decided to aggro a few bigger adds (the watchers and the mini boss) so they would be able to soak up my Avenger’s Shield damage.

I also had to remove Holy Shield since it did too much damage to the smaller adds making them die too quickly. Using Holy Shield most adds died when the boss was at 30% HP.

I needed enough small adds to manage the Berserk timer. The more adds that were on me, the faster I would auto hit which would add to my damage.

However since I used two swarmkeepers, they would constantly cast Enraged Toxins which would give a huge damage and attack speed boost to the smaller adds. This made me have to plan the trash setup so that I would have enough adds to kill Xanesh before Berserk, but also not too many since the damage taken would be too much.

You might notice me not avoiding any mechanics during the fight, the reason for this was that once I were in a good position with the Swarmkeepers not taking the hits from Avenger’s Shield, I wouldn’t want to do any “unnecessary” movement that could mess up their positioning.

The main things Xanesh does that are dangerous is the Abyssal Strike and ofcourse the football part.

Abyssal Strike stacks up over the course of the fight. At the end you are at 20 stacks, which makes it deal a hefty chunk of your HP. You need to be prepared for this and you might have to use a defensive CD.

You will not be able to play any football, since it will give you a 99% damage done reduction if you step into the circles. This would impact your DPS too much to kill her before Berserk.

Thankfully us Paladins have the talent “Unbreakable Spirit” which puts Ardent Defender at the perfect CD to be able to use it against every orb explosion.


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