Stormbind Hierophant 100% Delirious T16 Map – Path of Exile (3.10 Delirium)

Current PoB (with community fork) –

Okay, here it is. 100% Delirious maps are insane. The first few seconds are like oh hey these mobs die pretty easy let’s just blink further into the map and-ASDFKFJSAGH.

Not fully “juiced”, but I still wanted to give this a try.

Regular trash mobs now require a fully charged Stormbind to clear. If anything, this is testing the build on its components that let me lay runes, charge, and detonate safely. That is, the 50% Hinder from Stormbind, the 10% chilling ground from Frostblink, the 10% proc blinding aura from cluster notable Disorienting Display, the crit knockback from cluster notable Thunderstruck, and most importantly, its -damage-.

~~Final Character Thoughts~~
I have to say, after spending over 3 weeks with this character and build I enjoyed it. I’m not really making a guide or anything, but if someone stumbles across these videos and is inspired to give Stormbind a try, I’d welcome them to do so.

The one true weakness probably showcased here with this would be Indigon’s mp costs. I went OOM quite a bit and was stuck in a weird position trying to regroup. The damage is there, it’s just that having to constantly spend mana laying down runes hurt a lot. One change I would like would probably be for Stormbind Runes to only be expended with 3 fully charged improvements. That way, there will always be stuff to one-tap as things keep pouring in waves while setting up big runes to detonate the bulkier targets. Another would probably be the awkward line-of-sight thing that prevents it from laying a nice full grid at times.

Why not Skyforth/Atziri Foible? Largely I didn’t really value the doubled mana regen that much. 1k regen was perfectly fine since most of my mana while mapping came from Cinderswallow and mana flasks anyway. That, and having 4 rares vs 3 makes capping resists easier. The build focuses more on damage and bursts rather than sustained nonstop firing, anyway. Maybe having 3k mana regen would have helped the awkward times where Indigon murders mp so there’s less pause between being oom or allowed for larger grids on the 2nd and 3rd volleys, but I still think it’s unnecessary. Only Wave 20 Simulacrum and 100% Delirium pushed my mp usage this far.

Not sure what else to really say here. I can’t really think of any further improvements to the build, but I’m open to ideas. I’m sure there are some better setups out there, but at least this one cleared the current endgame just fine, I guess.

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