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[1961 – USSR: Red Contempt – Ignore Pleas, Blast Bomb]
07:08:58 Int of United Nations Security Council, MCU Ambassador Adlai Stevenson at desk, speaks (SOF): “As he said he would, Mr. Khrushchev has exploded his giant bomb in cynical disregard for the United Nations. By this act the Soviet Union has added injury to insult. They broke the moratorium on nuclear weapons testing, they have raised atmospheric pollution to new heights, they have started a new race for more deadly weapons. They have spurned the humanitarian appeal of the United Nations & of all peace-loving peoples. They have advanced no solid justification for exploding this monstrous & unnecessary weapon. They have been wholly unmoved by the dangers of radioactive fallout to the Human Race. The United States delegation deeply deplores this contempt for world opinion. And we think that in the light of this somber development other delegations may wish to express their views on this shocking & distressing news. For today the world has taken a great leap backwards towards anarchy & disaster. Thank you Mister Chairman.”
Cold War; Nuclear Testing;
NOTE: AN602 hydrogen bomb, Tsar Bomba, 30Oct61, was largest nuclear weapon ever detonated.
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