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Published on Feb 7, 2020
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About Video
Hello everyone is video mein 25 Most amazing aur Random Interesting facts ke bare mein knowledge de rha hu ye sabhi facts random hain isme science facts aur general knowledge facts bhi included hain I hope apko ye quick hindi facts ki video series pasand aaye Agar apko TFS (Tremendous facts Series).ka Episode 20 acha lage to is video ko LIKE and SHARE jarur kariyega. Jai Hind
Video Contains
25 Amazing facts
Random facts
Facts in hindi
Random facts in hindiक्या आप जानते हैं? Do you know
ऐसे 101 अनोखे रोचक तथ्य जो आपका दिमाग हिला कर रख देंगे
101 Most Amazing Facts In Hindi
#facts #strange #seriouslystrange

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If an Indian bridge head across a water obstacle is hit, the casualties would be a hundred times greater, but in a bridge head the adversary’s troops would be in contact with Indian troops and, hence, a bridge head is a much less likely target.By employing TNWs against Indian forces, the Pakistan army would have broken the nuclear taboo without achieving anything substantive by way of influencing the course of an ongoing military operation.India’s nuclear doctrine premised on “credible minimum deterrence” and posture of “no first use” has stood the test of time and no major change is necessary.
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