FullMetal Alchemist BrotherHood Episode 28 Father

Alphonse and Gluttony arrive at Father’s lair, where Edward, Ling, and Envy burst out of Gluttony’s stomach. Father then uses his special powers to cancel Edward and Alphonse’s alchemy, rendering them ineffective. Ling is then captured and given the philosopher’s stone, which he willingly accepts, allowing Greed to take over his body. Scar and May then arrive and engage Father in battle, still able to use their alchemy. Edward tells Scar that Envy triggered the Ishbal civil war and Scar attacks Father again, but this time his alchemy does not work. May is injured by Gluttony, and Scar uses a hydrogen explosion as a diversion so they can both escape. Edward battles Greed but is quickly subdued, although he senses that Ling is still inside Greed. Envy and Gluttony pursue Scar, May and Alphonse, but Scar creates another explosion and almost kills Gluttony who must use the last of his regenerative abilities. Father extracts Gluttony’s philosopher’s stone, absorbing it into himself and promising to revive Gluttony with his memories intact.



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