How Far Did Forrest Gump Actually Run?

A very serious and very unnecessary deep dive into Forrest Gump.

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Tech And Media Elites Attend Allen And Company Annual Meetings In Idaho
Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Brick Wall Textured
FGorgun/Getty Images
US director Robert Zemeckis arrives at the premier
Lucy Nicholson /Getty Images
Choice of a door
themacx/Getty Images
The final screen of the movie. The end
Greeek/Getty Images
Saint Mary’s Lake
TMarantette/Getty Images
2012 Writers Guild Awards — Show
Jesse Grant /Getty Images
Confused pug dog with hands holding red phone receiver
DeanDrobot/Getty Images
Jimmy Carter
Karl Schumacher/Getty Images
Right x Wrong
gustavofrazao/Getty Images
Poster map United Staes of America with state names
FoxysGraphic/Getty Images
Welcome to Alabama
wellesenterprises /Getty Images
Old rusty rugged anvil
Cronislaw/Getty Images

nuke nuclear explosion
ykol/Getty Images
Desk calendar with alpha channel included
Videowok_art /Getty Images

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