F-BOMB and the Unnecessary Sequel

He’s back! And he’s about to have some more fun in Cardboard City! Just as long as he doesn’t get caught…

Also, just to clarify, this video does not relate to the current events in my Cardboard City series.

Be sure to watch the first F-BOMB vid:

And be sure to watch every other video that came out after that one because he’s likely to make an appearance in them

“Aquaman’s (insert adjective) Interview w/ Rei Ayanami” will come out whenever I can get a Rei plush lol (still gotta pre-order one)

Minecraft Explosion Green Screen:

Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 sound:

Music Used:
– The Complex – Kevin MacLeod
– Crater Laker – The Mini Vandals
– Dark Mystery – Audionautix
– You’re No Help – Silent Partner

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