10 Food Hacks That Are Actually Dangerous

List of the top 10 food hacks that are actually dangerous. Do you think these are the worst ‘food hacks’ on the internet? They may save time and energy, but not all of them are great ideas.
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‘Life Hack’ culture has exploded in recent years, however, not all of them work! Here are 10 Food Hacks That Are Actually Dangerous.

These are some dangerous food hacks you’re probably better off skipping. If you you enjoyed this video list of the top 10 food hacks that are actually dangerous in the United States of America and around the world. Comment:

0:00 Food Hacks That Are Actually Dangerous
0:14 Toaster Grilled Cheese
1:46 “Easier” Pasta Draining
3:23 Salmon In The Dishwasher
4:42 Bagged Omelet
6:05 Meat Defrosting
7:33 Deep-Fried Turkey
9:04 Instant Dulce De Leche
10:26 Blow Torch Wine
11:47 Garlic Peeler
13:13 Can Opening

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