Kingdom Hearts II FM [PS3] Playthrough #140, Tram Common Minigames; Ultimate Mushroom

This is video #140 in my playthrough of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, part of the Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX. This is Critical Mode. This video does not contain commentary. To view the commentary version, click here:

Previously, Sora finished playing with all the members of Mushroom XIII and earned the well-deserved Proof of Peace. Now, there are still a few minigames left in Twilight Town: Poster Duty, Bumble-Buster, and Junk Sweep. Further, Sora has not yet earned the Ultimate Mushroom shield, so he will go earn that from one of the even-numbered Mushroom XIII members.

For the Twilight Town minigames, the party lands at the Usual Spot in Twilight Town (time 1:09). They make their way over to Market Street: Tram Common (time 1:44).

Sora starts with Poster Duty (time 1:55). Jiminy expects this to be completed within 30 seconds. This requires maxed-out growth abilities, particularly Aerial Dodge and Glide. Take advantage of the clusters of three posters.

After a couple of attempts, Sora finishes Poster Duty within 30 seconds (time 3:00).

Next, Sora moves on to Bumble-Buster (time 3:46). Jiminy wants him to exterminate the bees within 10 seconds. With the fully-upgraded Magnega, this is a honey of a task. Sora finishes them off with time to spare.

Afterwards, Sora prepares for Junk Sweep (time 4:21). Only combo finishers will destroy the garbage. Fenrir for Negative Combo is desirable. If you have Negative Combo from leveling up, equip that, too. It also helps to turn off unnecessary action abilities, particularly Explosion.

Sora then starts Junk Sweep (time 4:53). Jiminy wants the garbage to be destroyed in less than 6 swings. Multiple strikes from a swing will also be counted.

After a few attempts, Sora gets the junk destroyed in 5 swings (time 6:52).

Now, Donald has the Premium Mushroom, his best weapon, which odd-numbered Mushroom XIII members drop for an excellent performance. No. 9 is the best mushroom by far to try to get this from. Now, the party needs Goofy’s best shield, the Ultimate Mushroom. Even-numbered Mushroom XIII members will drop this. I will attempt to get it from No. 2 in Halloween Town. Off-screen, I tried to get it from No. 4 in the Land of Dragons, but No. 4 does not seem to drop it.

So, the party beams up to the Gummi Ship (time 10:30). They head over to Halloween Town and land in Santa’s House (time 10:49). Out in Candy Cane Lane (time 11:32), they head east into Christmas Tree Plaza (time 11:45).

In Christmas Tree Plaza, Sora summons Stitch and plays with No. 2 some more (time 11:56). To get the Premium Mushroom from No. 2, Sora must score a perfect 99 points against it by deflecting all its shots back at it. Reflect is the best way to do this, especially with the starburst firing pattern. Final Form is a good alternative for dealing with this fungus. This is an excellent mushroom to get Tranquility materials from.

After several attempts, Sora gets a perfect score of 99 (time 42:10).

Out in Candy Cane Lane, Sora reaches Level 65 (time 44:24). He gains a Defense increase and learns Finishing Plus.

In Yuletide Hill to the north (time 45:34), Sora drops off his synthesis materials with Gumo the Moogle (time 45:45). For collecting at least 25 Lucid Stones, he can now purchase them at the shop!

Next, the party will get started collecting synthesis materials to complete the Moogle’s synthesis list.

Thank you for watching!

This video is part of my Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Playthrough playlist. I am playing the version released as part of the Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX compilation for the PlayStation 3 in 2014. All characters, story, music, artwork, and other copyrighted and trademarked components of this game are the property of their respective owners. Videos uploaded are educational and commentary in nature, as defined under the ‘fair use policy’ of copyright.

Played on PlayStation 3. Recorded with the Elgato Game Capture HD device and software. Produced with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

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