Sephiroth beginner guide by mkleo!

Sephiroth came out yesterday..unfortunately i wasnt home when he got released…but i still made some time to see how he was and play some games with him! Im still working on him but i think he could be a really good character so i decided to go to training mode and talk about the things that you should learn as someone trying to play this new dlc.

Note : this is a beginner guide, i played the char for a few hours this could be cool to see. A more elaborated guide coming out soon for sure.

Make sure to check these timestamps:

00:00 Intro
02:24 Neutral + Fair
03:56 Using Nair
06:07 Juggling
08:07 Combo Game + Recovery (brief)
08:33 Projectiles
11:52 Smash Attacks (brief)
12:53 Down Smash
15:13 Dealing with Pressure (brief)
16:08 Shield Break Punishes
18:16 Closing Thoughts
19:38 Streams and Content
22:40 Special Announcement





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