The Division Napalm Legendary Solo (Full Guide For Solo Players)!

The Division Napalm Legendary Solo (full guide for solo players)!

Finally I get that cowboy hat and now I have to brag about it, it was one cosmetic piece that I didn’t have and i was very lucky when I get one! With that said lets get to the napalm legendary production site, full guide for solo players.. Hello Agents and welcome to another division video. I uploaded one of my solo legendary runs couple of days ago and it was not the best in terms of progress and time needed to finish the mission, to tell you the truth I uploaded that video to ask you some questions guys and also to show you the capability of my tactician classified build. which is probably the best build to run legendary missions solo. if you want to see the build i will leave you link in the description and in the you-tube cards.

Right from the start it didn’t go well for me, because general idea in the very beginning of this mission is to kill two shutgunners that are walking down in the pit in order to prevent them to come upstairs, rush on you, and eventually kill you. You should be patient with that first shot and wait until both of them are in the explosion range , circle of your sticky bomb. nevertheless one of them came up but i managed to kill him with my assault rifle. After you done those 2 shut-gunners just stay back and the rest of this part is not to risky at all. All you need to do now is to kill other NPC’s with throwing your seekers and hitting them up with your sticky bomb. they will come on that construction platform across and will be easy targets. some of them will be down and be sure to throw seekers when you spot those ones down because if your seeker catch one down it will also chase those up on the platform. and that is pretty much everything you need to know about beginning of the napalm. it is not a rocket science but still can be helpful to some of you who are not playing this mission a lot. Even I don’t play legendary on weekly bases an I’m not the best when it comes to legendary but I can finish the mission every time I decide to and it is enough for me.

Some players making an art of passing through this mission solo and can finish one in less than 20 minutes. Average and decent time for this mission should be around half an hour if everything goes right. but it doesn’t and most important tip i can give you is to be patient, because one miss in the crucial moment can cost you a lot of your time and whole game can turn up into a bloody mess, so bad, that you will eventually give up and restart the game or or you will be killed.

Right after I finish this last annoying NPC we will move to the next part and be one step closer to finish the mission.

Now you can go and pick up your loot if here is any and move to the next platform. right there you will need to stop for a second and locate the medic. It is extremely important that you take out the medic first because if you fail, your job is going to be 100% harder, so take your time, aim well and take him out. enemy is not going to spot you until you take that first shot so don’t worry.

After you take out the medic you have two choices, you can stay up and finish the rest of NPC’s with your seekers and your sticky or you can go down as i did this time to have better line of sight for those shield guys, whatever you decide to do just be careful and don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risks, this part after you kill the medic is a routine. there is no a real threat that can cause you a headache and everything will be over very soon. Usually I go down and take out one or both of the shield guys and a boss if there is a chance, and than go back up to finish those two bombers, grenadiers which are the only real threat to you at this point. You can take them down easily from the upper part of the platform without exposing yourself to much with one or two seeker mines. it happened that i finish one shield guy from down and another one from the top and that’s it, we just clear out the area and get to the hardest part of the napalm production site legendary. if you manage to successfully finish this part you can start to celebrate because the hardest time is over, everything beyond that is just a routine job and I will show you how to do it..

This is definitely the hardest part of the napalm legendary when you play solo. This part when done right is like you already finished the mission, at least for me.

Napalm Legendary Start: 00:00
Get To The Checkpoint: 04:02
Reach The Watch Tower 1: 06:10
Survive The Assault: 10:25
Reach The Watch Tower 2: 15:00
Reach The Watch Tower 3: 16:52
Defeat The 4 Agents: 19:57

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