Artist Tries Artist Art ‘Life Hacks’ From Crafty Panda | Testing Art Hacks

In today’s video I’m trying some artist art ‘life hacks’ from the YouTube channel Crafty Panda. Now I knew when I started testing these ‘art hacks’ I was going to get pretty annoyed, because for the most part these are not artist life hacks, art hacks or anything that would significantly help an artist create their artwork. Now a couple of these art hacks did work, but there are also way more logical and easier ways to create the art effects that they are showing. But I guess I’m just super critical over any YouTube channel that demonstrates ‘life hacks’, because we know they’re going to be click bait or just completely absurd! The only art hacks I would consider useful in this video from Crafty Panda, would be the paint palette idea, however I also demonstrated an easier life hack that would make your paint last longer. Also potentially the mountain painting technique, but you could also use a stencil. But let me know your thoughts on these art hacks, and whether you would consider these to be artist life hacks or not!

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