200g flash powder bomb KMNO4 + Detonator 1g INSANE Powerfull – Explosion inside an old tree stump

This video serves as a demonstration of shooting, not the production of a weapon !!! (Experimental- Do not recreate)

We performed our test of waste flash powder devalued far from civilization so as not to disturb and disturb the population in distant deep forests where the soil was very moist with weeks of rain and dry windy autumn weather.
I don’t know what happened, but before that this composition worked very well for me for pyrotechnic firecrackers. After two attempts, I found that my flash powder dust in the form of firecrackers only and the wand burns with the reduced force of the deflagration explosion. Rather, it can be compared to the very loud flushing of sound out of a tube with no explosion or any damage or pyrotechnic effects. It just stopped working. I think that I met the conditions for it to work properly and there was a correct explosion of a 50g firecracker as in the previous video. But even so, it has stopped working properly now. It appears to have much similar behavior to the properties of gunpowder (Black Powder). I don’t know exactly where the mistake happened. If I really weighed the raw materials really, maybe only 10g more or less. Or it has wetted kmno4 or it is of some bad quality, I really have no idea yet. But to dispose of this flash powder ecologically and throw it in the collection of raw materials where it will dispose of chemical waste. What good would this unreliable and non-functional flash powder be to me, I would just store it uselessly, it would be unnecessary and unusable. So I decided for the last attempt (before handing over to the collection ecological yard for the disposal of chemicals) whether this low-flammable (no longer explosive) mixture will work with the detonator hmtd. I had doubts that it would not work and nothing would happen without results. But it was a big surprise for me that it really works. There was an explosion and it was no small crumb. The distance of over 15 meters from the position behind the trees was a very audible and penetrating roaring insanely powerful bass sound. Half of the old stump was cut and the rest was damaged.
In this case, I didn’t feel any shock wave like Ammonal did. All she could smell was a heavily selective floor. And the sound effect had a similar character to a cannon shot (DELOVA RANA) and maybe it was a detonation

– kmno4 nec. 187g + Detonator hmtd 1g -170db of 15m
– the strongest sound effect destructive effect high

( kmno4 160g, Al 40g, charcoal powder fine dust 5g, sulfur 5g )

WARNING !!! This video is intended for scientific and entertaining purposes only. Any actions in this video shall not be a call to repeat them ! Do not try to do this at home, the author shall not be hold liable for any of your actions performed.

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