WRAP Army storms Red Mosque; gunfire, AP cover of military presser

AP Television News
1. Flash of explosion in sky, audio explosion as army operation against mosque recommences within minutes of announcement of talks failure
AP Television News
2. Night sky, audio of explosion
AP Television News
3. Negotiators including former PM and leader of Musharraf’s ruling party PML(Q), Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, Information Minister Mohammed Ali Durrani and Religious Affairs Minister Ejaz ul-Haq walking along
AP Television News
4. Wide of media briefing
5. SOUNDBITE: (Urdu) Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, former Pakistani prime minister:
“I have never been so disappointed in my whole life but today I am going back disappointed. We have tried and offered all options. So far we have done so many things. Whatever we are feeling, later people will point at us. But the only reason why we did this is that we want to get the children and women out of there.”
AP Television News
6. Dawn over the mosque
AP Television News
7. Mid of dawn over mosque
AP Television News
8. Various top shots of soldiers stationed near mosque, AUDIO of gunfire and explosions
AP Television News
9. Black smoke rising from compound, filmed from window, AUDIO: explosion
AP Television News
10. Zoom to smoke column rising over Aabpara market area, AUDIO: gunfire
11. Ambulances driving past with sirens on
12. Army checkpoint
13. Army officer’s convoy passing, AUDIO: gunfire
14. Wide of site AUDIO of gunshots
AP Television News
15. Armoured car driving towards compound
16. Ambulances driving towards Red Mosque
AP Television News
17. Various of injured soldier being carried by doctors and surrounded by media
18. Ambulance carrying injured soldier driving off (believed towards nearby Pakistan Military Hospital)
AP Television News
19. Female police officers walking
20. SOUNDBITE: (Urdu) Mehmood, no full name given, relative of 20 year-old Sher Ahmed, who he believes to be still holed up in the Red Mosque:
“I don’t know if he’s alive or dead. I just know he is inside.”
21. Side shot of Mehmood talking on the phone
22. Mehmood starts sobbing, his hands cover his face
AP Television News
23. Wide of military news conference
24. SOUNDBITE: (English) General Waheed Arshad, Pakistan Army spokesman:
“Militants have taken positions in almost every room. They are fighting from room to room, they have positions in the basement, on the stairs, on the verandas. Clearing a complex which has more than 75 rooms and basements and large courtyards does take time and then as I said there are two reasons, one is as I said woman and children which makes us go slow and so that there is not collateral damage and unnecessary loses of lives.”
25. Wide of news conference
26. SOUNDBITE: (English) General Waheed Arshad, Pakistan Army spokesman:
“There are terrorists there, they have heavy weapons so one needs to be very careful in execution.”
AP Television News
27. Man pointing to damage in Blue Area of Islamabad where stray bullets have hit
28. Close of window pane where bullet hit
29. Men gathered in the street
30. Men sitting on a wall
31. Wide of Rehmatullah Khalil, Member of National Assembly sitting on a sofa
32. Close-up hands
33. SOUNDBITE (Urdu) Rehmatullah Khalil, Member of National Assembly:
“The draft that had been decided between Ghazi and the delegation had been totally changed when it came back from government officials, the conditions of the draft had been changed and they (meaning the government) are alleging that Ghazi refused. Why should Ghazi have refused? The conditions that we decided with them, were not offered and the government gave half an hour to agree on the draft of conditions otherwise they would choose the other way.”

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