Top 10: Star Fox 64 Boss Explosions

I’ve always enjoyed watching bad guys go “Boom” in Star Fox so I figured a Top 10 list was in order.

Justification of my Top 10:

10. Maybe it’s Fox’s one liner, maybe it’s how big a jerk this boss was. Whatever it is, this explosion is satisfying.

9. You beat the boss and it falls over defeated. As it crumbles to pieces as you fly through the explosion like a champ.

8. It’s the first boss. It holds some nostalgic value. It’s your first taste of the boom. Such a memorable death line by the boss too.

7. This boss is just a angry dude. The scream combined with the explosion really does it for me.

6. When you kill him, his body falls apart . Each of the pieces is individually animated before the head finally comes crashing to the ground.

5. His head shoots off into the air and you get to see one of the more unique explosions in the game.

4. The thud of the first explosion when the boss hits the water is powerful. Then you get a secondary explosion and a boss death yell. Also a special explosion because it’s the hidden boss in the first level, quite memorable.

3. Andross exploding is great. He goes out like a bad-ass and even Fox is shocked by the explosion. The screen gets all wavy from the magnitude of the blast and the entire complex is destroyed. What a way for a game to end!

2. You defeat the boss and he just spins there, burning and falling apart. What follows is the biggest explosion in the game in terms of scale. It blinds the screen and completely obstructs Venom with its enormity.

1. The best explosion in the game. The kind of explosion that will rattle your old CRT. You get the build up of the train crashing through the barriers; the desperate scream of the conductor; the +50 hit and thud of the boss dying; the obliteration of the enemy base ; and finally you get the complete destruction in the form of a massive fire ball as Fox drives away. The best. The first time you hit all the switches is pure satisfaction. That’s why this is number 1.

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