Pulled out 2 pounds of hair & dead skin Unclogging bathroom shower drain

When the shower tub wouldn’t drain i knew i had to take action. So I do what i do best and fixed it. This video shows you how to unclog that shower or sink or any drain. We hope you like the video.
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We are here to answer all your fitness questions! Whether you want to know how we get in shape or what workout plan might be best for you, no question is off limits here at Notcrossfit. Between the two of us, we have over 30 years of experience in fitness with a variety of activities such as football, body building, triathlon, just to name a few. We can help you reach your fitness goals no matter how big or small they may be. You can email any questions you might have to Notcrossfit@gmail.com. Be sure to check out our videos as they already answer a lot of common questions we get, show work out routines, or just us having fun. You can also follow us on Twitter for random updates and our Facebook page (links above).

The Noahnator:

The Noahnator is a certified personal trainer by ISSA and NESTA. Before that he played football and participated in track and field. After blowing out his knee playing football he made the decision to put his focus into fitness. Some achievements include finishing 2nd place at the Ohio bodybuilding show in the super heavyweight class, a former top 2 finisher in the Clydesdale Triathlon circuit, a NPC bodybuilder, and graduating from The University of Toledo with a degree in Business.


Guapo is a former high school football and basketball player, as well as a former all state participant in both. He graduated from Georgia Tech where he played football for 4 years. He also played for the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons, and after that he played for the Graz Giants in Europe. He is now a certified personal trainer with NESTA. Besides being a personal trainer, Guapo also competes at male physique competitions. You can also see him in TV and movies. Such as The dark night rises, unnecessary roughness, best man holiday and many more. drain bathroom sink repair plumbing construction installation

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