Twin Flames~ Minimal/No Communication + Readings explained

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The DMs are currently facing a “bump” in the road, but are ultimately moving forward! Old patterns and cycles are being broken, so that they can move more quickly on their path towards their truth. DFs are focusing on themselves, but still have doubts about this connection and whether they’d be able to overcome the heartbreak if union doesn’t occur. These doubts are unnecessary.. bumps/uphills are an inevitable part of any divine connection journey, and these will not affect the ultimate outcome, nor what you know to be true in you heart. Events are being divinely guided, and unfolding as they are meant to!

I will do a reading specific for those in 3rd party/karmic situations soon!

This is a general reading and will not resonate for everyone!

* For personal readings and/or info:
* BASIC READING: 30-45min 30$
* EXTENDED READING: 45-60min 45$
* MINI-READING: 15-25min 20$

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