Top 100 Fastest Stocks #7 – Super Smash Bros

Ready….. GO!
Another episode featuring some of the most brutal and lightning fast 0-deaths in Smash, including a stock that was even taken less than a second into the game!

The fact that I made a long video for the last fastest stocks episode (Top 65) seemed to be very well received, so I decided to make an even longer one this time! Over 30 minutes of some of the greatest and fastest 0-deaths you’ll ever see in Smash! Hopefully everyone enjoys 🙂
Thanks for watching!

So as you can tell from watching the video, it’s ordered by how quick the stock was, for anyone curious as to how I time the clips, for the clips that happen right at the start of the match (From GO!) I just use the in-game timer (If the stock was lost at 7:50, then the stock lasted for 10 seconds, for example) but for stocks that happen right after the player lost another stock, I instead time the length of the stock from the exact frame the player steps off the respawn platform, to the exact frame the death explosion shows up, to get the most accurate timing possible.

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Due to how many clips were used, I reached the description size limit making this list, so if you’re interested in viewing the links I’ve put them in a pastebin:

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