Blackhead Picking vs Pimple Popping – What is Better?

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Good medical morning! This is Watson and today we are going to talk about picking and popping!

We’ve all seen people pick and pimples, pick scabs and try to remove zits with their nails! Let’s look at a couple exanples…

We’ve also seen people pimple pop with their fingers, like this…

So which is better for you? Leave your opinions in the comments below!

My opinion? Neither! Dirty nails and exposed fingers can cause infection, scarring and a whole mess of issues. Pinching infected pimples can even push the infection into the bloodstream. That’s super dangerous.

Pimple popper tools like the ones that Dr. Sandra Lee use are the best of the best. They limit the spread of infection and make it very hard to leave scars or unnecessary skin damage.

Of course cheap tools are VERY bad for your skin, so it is important to pop with a professional dermatology kit. I’ll put a link to my favorite below.

Now let’s look at a minute or two of my favorite pops from around the web. Click like if you are a popping fan!

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