Lighting fires in the ancient and medieval world

Specifically, how they did it in the olden days… or didn’t.

This is the very fist video that I have ever successfully edited on my new editing software: Sony Vegas Platinum Studio 12. It took me ages. Getting used to a new editing package is quite a learning curve. I am of course very conscious of all the things Pinnacle does that Vegas cannot, and all the things that are easy and quick on Pinnacle and take ages with Vegas. Perhaps if I had swapped in the other direction, I’d be feeling something similar but the other way around.

Sorry for the even higher than usual amount of ‘er’ and ‘um’ and unnecessary repetition in this video.

I do not know who Sean Kingston is, but for some reason YouTube insists that he be a keyword in the tags. Perhaps he is a rock or pop player who sings a song about lighting fires.

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