Top 10 Bob-omb Kills – Super Smash Bros

There is a 1 in 384 chance for Peach to pull a Bob-omb whenever she pulls a turnip (In Melee/Brawl/PM this is the case, but in Ultimate/S4 the rate is 1/250).
The bomb a very powerful item, and is probably the most exciting turnip for Peach to pull. Due to the massive amount of damage and knockback that it deals and the fact that the explosion of the Bob-omb can hit both Peach and her opponent, this can create a massive amount of chaos, add in the fact that bombs can be reflected, and you have a ton of potential for extremely entertaining highlights and mindgames when a Peach does manage to pull a bomb!
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If you’re interested in learning more about the ratios of Peach’s turnips, here is a fantastic chart showing the rates in Brawl/Melee: (These rates are slightly different in Ultimate and Smash 4, the Mr Saturn is now 1/166, the Bob-omb is now 1/250, and the beam sword was removed)

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