In each house there is a couple of unnecessary cardboard boxes from different household appliances, shoes, dishes, pizza … It’s a pity to throw them away, and they take plenty of space. But you don’t need to throw them away! You have no idea what a regular carton can become!

I’ll show you how to make an organizer for shoes, how to make an organizer for cosmetics from an iPhone box, how to make a book holder from cereal packages, how to make an organizer for stationery and a toilet paper holder.

Cardboard boxes are perfect for crafts with children. Such crafts develop children’s imagination and hand motor skills, and most importantly, this is a fun activity from which children will be delighted! How to teach a child to tie shoelaces? Use a napkin dispenser. Also look at how to make table soccer from a cardboard box, and how to turn a pizza box into an easel.

By the way, if you need to cut a pizza, but there is no pizza knife, I will show you how to make a pizza knife from a ruler and a tin can. And if you have leftover pizza, but the whole box doesn’t fit in the fridge, I will show you how to properly reduce the pizza box.


00:34 Organize your house with old boxes
04:08 DIY toilet paper holder
07:03 Kids will love this cardboard house
10:55 DIY smartphone projector

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