Fallout 4 OP Explosive Build

As the outro stated I will be in New York for a bit doin important stuffs, I’ll be sure to get right back to work when I return home.

With this video I attempted to cut out all the unnecessary steps I take in the early game that don’t directly influence or relate to the build, this manifested in a shorter video and in my opinion a less coherent one. Still being able to put out shorter stuff from time to time is nice. Let me know what you guys think about this pacing or any other ideas you may have.

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Series Playlist:

A Go Go – Little Big Planet
Die House Remix – Dasgust
Top Gear Track 1 Remix – Plasma3Music Remixes
What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

Perk Progression:
1. Idiot Savant 2. Lone Wanderer 3. Demolition Expert
4. Cap Collector 5. Gun Nut 6. Chemist 7. Strength 8. Strength
9. Strong Back 10. Demolition Expert II 11. Idiot Savant II
12. Strong Back II 13. Gun Nut II 14. Strength 15. Strength
16. Chemist II 17. Lone Wanderer II 18. Strength 19. Strength
20. Cap Collector II 21. Toughness 22. Demolition Expert III
23. Toughness II 24. Toughness III 25. Gun Nut III

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