Root Double -Before Crime * After Days [BLIND] Part 25: Rescue Instincts

[A Visual Novelty]

What did we learn on this day? We did get to know Salyu better, which means translated back to our LABO adventure…

Salyu has a very good reason for doing what she did to those rescue workers.

Where will our LABO adventure go next?

Also, we have a lecture incoming back in the past, soooo… get ready.


The story of Root Double features two different protagonists: Watase Kasasagi, a rescue squad captain who has lost his memories in the hours after the incident, and Natsuhiko Tenkawa, a student piecing together the clues in the six days before. The only key to survival lies in the player’s hands with the Senses Sympathy System (SSS). Unlike traditional visual novels, Root Double does not have clear cut “choices,” but rather, the game uses SSS to allow the player to manipulate the story based purely upon emotion. Your emotions projected upon the characters, particularly your trust in them, shape the progression of the story. Only with effective use of this system and completion of both protagonists’ stories can the player piece together the truth and hope to discover a way out of the facility.

Developed by: Regista, Yeti

Published by Sekai Project
Translated by Lemnisca Translations!

Find it on Steam here!

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