Borderlands 3 | Top 10 Legendary Splash Damage Weapons – Best Explosive Guns

In this video we countdown the Best Splash Damage Weapons in Borderlands 3. Mr Torgue knows that everything is better with explosions and there is no better representation of that than this. These are some of the Most Powerful Weapons in the Game and I let you know where you can get them, explain what they do and what you can do to increase their damage.

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R.Y.N.A.H is the Lump 2.0:

Level 72 Spellcaster FL4K Build:

The Recursion is Back:

Top 10 Most Powerful Artifacts:

The Ogre Should Not Be Ignored:

Top 5 Endless Legendary Farms:

This Gun One Shots Bosses and More:

Most Powerful Alt Firing Modes:

Is This the Best Splash Damage Shotgun?

Top 10 Legendary Weapons for Zane the Operative:

The Faisors Shotgun is Stronger than Top Tier Legendaries:

Top 10 Legendary Weapons for Amara:

Don’t Sleep on This Weapon – This SMG is Deadly:

Top 10 Legendary Weapons for FL4K:

Top 10 Legendary Weapons for Moze (Updated):

The Hive Destroys Everything:

Ranking All Legendary Loot From the Welcome to Pandora Vault Card:

Top 10 Weapons You Want to See Buffed:

This Gun Buffs Other Weapons:

Top 10 Most Powerful Base Game Weapons:

Masterwork Crossbow – The Most Powerful Sniper Rifle No One Uses:

Level 72 Migraine Zane Build:

The Sleeping Giant is a Top Tier SMG:

10 More Must Have Legendaries at Level 72:

Level 72 Grandmaster Zane Build (24/7 Damage):

Level 72 Mitosis Moze Build (Massive Damage):

10 Must Have Legendary Weapons at Level 72:

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