How Computer Viruses Escaped Into The Real World

We have all encountered computer viruses. 🦠💻
Some of them will threaten our privacy, others — simply require time and a trip to the service center. For most of us, computer viruses are an invisible threat from the virtual world from which the escape is simple: disconnect your computer from the network, and you are in a place of safety. But this impression is deceptive: malware can destroy a strategically important object within a few moments without leaving a single fingerprint.

Today we will tell you about the most threatening cases when computer viruses “broke out” into the real world and the motives behind their creation.


00:00 Intro
01:27 Chernobyl
02:01 Doomsday for PC’s
02:23 How CIH works?
03:10 Who created it and why?
03:46 How did the virus make it all around the world
05:03 What happened to Chen Ing-hau?
05:41 About Iran’s nuclear program
06:18 Incident in Natanz
07:20 Consequences For Iran
07:48 How Stuxnet sneaked into the system?
10:31 A new type of felony
11:17 Attack on Colonial Pipeline
12:19 Who was behind the attack?
12:58 What happened when the pipeline was paralysed
13:43 Who gets the ransom money?
14:40 Conclusion

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