Sly & The Family Drone – Unnecessary Woe (2013)

Side One – Handed Cack//Grey Meat
Side Two – A Man That Could Look No Way But Downward With A Muck Rake In His Hand

Recorded over a cold winter’s weekend in a dilapidated North London industrial district, Unnecessary Woe is the result of a desire to capture some of their live abandon in the form of a ‘proper’ record, with all engineering and mixing duties carried out within the group.

Improvising around skeletal structures, the players lock into a telepathic ebb and flow of hypnotic drums, tumbling electronic scree and modulated, obscured howls of rage. Six trajectories are bound together with bad vibes, bad whisky and the ringing ambiance of an old factory space.

Released December 1, 2013

Mixed by the band.
Mastered by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse.

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