10 Times Naruto Ripped Off Dragon Ball Characters

Naruto Characters Who Are Copies Of Dragon Ball Characters
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Have you ever watched an anime and thought, something about this is familiar? It’s a common thing in anime for tropes and plotlines to be repeated or copied from one anime to the next. That’s why you’ll see several anime that have massive tournament arcs or heroes who have a secret power within them that they have to learn to control.

Sometimes things go a little far though. There are times when you watch an anime and you almost have to double take because certain characters are almost indistinguishable from others. Is there such a thing as anime plagiarism? There probably should be.

Naruto and Dragon Ball are undeniably two of the greatest anime franchises ever. They both have epic fight scenes, interesting characters and franchises that peaked with the second entry.

The thing is that so many of their characters seem to be more or less the same people. There are obvious examples of this like the protagonists from either series but the problem reaches all the way down to the minor characters and major villains as well.

Seeing as Dragon Ball is considerably older than Naruto, it sometimes seems like the younger anime stole from its Shonen Jump older brother. While it’s safe to say that Naruto blazed its own trail away but it may have copied a bit to get there.

So let’s take a closer look and identify every Naruto character that may have copied a Dragon Ball one.


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