How Mark Rober Averages 37 Million Views Per Video (Genius)

Mark Rober is one of the most viewed creators on youtube, let’s find out why

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Former Nasa engineer, Mark Rober, is beating the youtube algorithm. He’s made videos on Shark, Squirrels and loves Elephant toothpaste. What are the tactics he uses to grow his channel and get more views?

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Video Notes

Mark Rober has discovered the formula for going viral on youtube. His crazy science experiments have become some of the most popular uploads on the platform. To the point where right now he averages an insane 37 million views per video.

We need to talk about something that is often overlooked, which takes us on to step 1 – Mark has a system for viral ideas

The second thing is Mark’s ideas are optimized for new viewers – His videos can be shown to someone who has never seen his channel before, and still be interesting . They have wide appeal.

There’s still a crucial step missing though, which takes us on to step 3 – Mark uses perfect packaging

Mark knows that all his effort up to this point would be useless if he doesn’t get the thumbnail and title right, how you package your video is arguably the most important thing.

My name is Paddy Galloway and I hope you enjoyed this video


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