Xbox Games Showcase Extended and Exclusive Gameplay and Trailers, Interviews | Play For All Day 2

Tune in on June 17th at 9am PT for an in-depth look at upcoming games, some exclusive trailers, gameplay and a few panels with GameSpot friends.

We’ll also be broadcasting the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, which will be hosted by Gamertag Radio’s Parris Lilly. You’ll hear from 343 Industries, World’s Edge, Playground Games, Ninja Theory, Double Fine, our talented partners from around the world, and more.

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8:00 AM PT – Introduction
8:04 AM PT – Rainbow Six Extraction Interview
8:20 AM PT – Baldur’s Gate III Interview
8:40 AM PT – Exclusive Gameplay
8:49 AM PT – Exclusive Trailer
8:55 AM PT – Call of Duty Interview
9:36 AM PT – Trailers!
10:00 AM PT – Xbox Games Showcase Extended
12:05 PM PT – Lost in Random Interview
12:20 PM PT – Exclusive Gameplay
12:29 PM PT – Exclusive Gameplay
12:40 PM PT – Werewolves Within Interview
1:00 PM PT – Fallout 76 Interview
1:20 PM PT – GameSpot Friends!
1:40 PM PT – Marvel’s Avengers Interview
2:00 PM PT – Trailers!
2:20 PM PT – More GameSpot Friends!
2:40 PM PT – End of the Day Chat!

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