These Are The NCIS Cast’s Actual Partners

As the second longest-running current American TV drama, CBS’s military procedural NCIS has been on the air for nearly 20 years. Over the course of its 18 seasons, fans have seen it all: explosions, assassinations, and steamy moments between cast members.

While we’ll always keep the show’s best relationships — Tony and Ziva forever — in our hearts, the actors who play NCIS’s best have their own significant others at home. And some of the show’s cast members have real-life relationships that have lasted even longer than the series itself! These are the NCIS cast’s actual partners.

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Sean Murray’s wife Carrie | 0:00
David McCallum’s wife Katherine | 1:52
Brian Dietzen’s wife Kelly | 2:49
Mark Harmon’s wife Pam | 3:45
Michael Weatherly’s wife Bojana | 4:57
Rocky Carroll’s wife Gabrielle | 6:01
Wilmer Valderrama’s fiancée Amanda | 7:07
Maria Bello’s fiancée Dominique | 7:55
Diona Reasonover’s wife Patricia | 8:55
Joe Spano’s wife Joan | 9:56
Sasha Alexander’s husband Edoardo | 10:42

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