Realfiction Technical Additions | The Importance of Staying Flexible & Adaptable as a Trader

In the previous episode we laid out the Realfiction dynamite technicals in full.

In this follow-up we will dig a bit deeper into those very technicals, but also clarify some points that may be new or unheard of to novice traders, namely that any presented technicals may change at any time as new data surfaces on the graphs. It is therefore paramount not to piggyback on any trades, but to rather make your own analysis and come to your own technical conclusions.

We will also take a quick look at the Swedish OMXS30 index as it’s direction will have a significant effect on Realfiction – and also on that of any other Swedish stock. It is therefore of great importance that we always keep a close eye on its development to stay ahead of our game and to be able to tell what level the market sentiments are at.

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