Stop Charging Your Phone in Bed, This Could Happen!

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If you’ve long forgotten your teddy bear and replaced it with a smartphone, at least don’t put it under your pillow. It can cause a fire, especially if being charged. The heat is trapped under the pillow. The phone gets hotter and hotter, and you know what happens when there’s too much heat. Also, phones, tablets, and any other gadgets release electromagnetic waves and microwaves. The thickness of your skull will generally prevent them from getting to your brain, but the risk is still there.

If you’re particularly concerned about microwaves, and even afraid of talking on the phone, go for a handset. Loudspeakers, video chat, or even texts are a good way to communicate too! Another place you shouldn’t charge your phone in is a car. A rental one is a total no. The USB port is basically public there – so think about cyber security. And don’t charge your phone in cafés. Wanna know why you also shouldn’t put your phone in the glove compartment, charge your smartphone if it’s over 95°F (35°C), and use counterfeit chargers? Then check out our new video! We’ve collected some useful dos and don’ts of cell phones that you may not know about.


Don’t put it under your pillow 0:01
Never charge your phone in a car 1:10
…and in cafés 1:35
How to read messages without opening them 1:55
Your phone’s worst enemy 2:52
Don’t put your phone in the glove compartment 3:53
Be careful using the phone on the beach 4:05
Don’t charge your smartphone if it’s over 95°F 4:25
Counterfeit chargers are not the best choice 5:03
The worst places to keep your phone 6:49
How to refresh your phone’s operative memory 7:29

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