The Quiet Mind: A Dhamma Talk with Q & A

“The Quiet Mind: Dhamma Talk with Q & A” (Recorded in the UK on Sept. 19th, 2020)

In this Dhamma Talk, I discuss the importance of cultivating and maintaining the Quiet Mind, that ends all suffering.

Normally, we find ourselves merely spending our entire lives while being nothing more than slaves and prisoners to our own thoughts. We gather ideas, thoughts, opinions, concepts, and beliefs, which the Buddha called “ditthi” or views/wrong views, which clog and contaminate the mind blocking its fullest potential, i.e. Awakening.

When the mind is noisy there can be neither mindfulness nor clear comprehension. Not every passing thought in the mind is to be held, probed, engaged with, and pondered upon. Not every word or phrase is to leave one’s lips or be spoken out loud. So, our goal is cultivate and maintain the steadiness and the quietude of the still mind throughout.

All thoughts, words, and experiences are after all conditioned, impermanent, dukkha, and non-self. Thus, we see how the Buddha teaches us how suffering is destroyed in the quiet mind.

This audio recording is one in a series of talks given after meditation retreats, where further guidance is offered while referencing the Teachings of Lord Buddha to support the meditators in their continued understanding and practice of the Dhamma.
Meditation students are encouraged to ask questions dealing with their practice while explanations are offered, in order to clarify many aspects of their individual practice, as they work on developing a healthy practice while living their busy lives.
Here, students also get to inquire and explore the connections between their challenges, experiences, and understanding given the Teachings found within the Pali Canon, i.e. the Original Teachings of the Buddha.

May these series of talks be helpful to you on your path.

Candana Bhikkhu
(Dr. Garbis Bartanian, LMFT, DBMin)

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