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Question 1 : What animal is a large bird from the islands of Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea?
Answer a: Bobcat
Answer b: Kangaroo Rat
Answer c: Kookaburra
Answer d: Muskrat

Question 2 : The Fragrance Wheel is a classification method used for what type of product?
Answer a: Fabric
Answer b: Flower Seeds
Answer c: Nose Jobs
Answer d: Perfume

Question 3 : With which of these industries would you associate the brand “Lufthansa”?
Answer a: Air Travel
Answer b: Fashion
Answer c: Legal
Answer d: Retail

Question 4 : On which Scottish town did Pan Am flight 103 come down following a bomb explosion in 1988?
Answer a: Ayr
Answer b: Dundee
Answer c: Kilmarnock
Answer d: Lockerbie

Question 5 : The coccyx is also known as what?
Answer a: The Funny Bone
Answer b: The Plantar Bone
Answer c: The Neck Bone
Answer d: The Tail Bone

Question 6 : Who discovered the law of gravity?
Answer a: Albert Einstein
Answer b: Charles Darwin
Answer c: Galileo Galilei
Answer d: Isaac Newton

Question 7 : If the end of two words have the same sound, what is that called?
Answer a: Music
Answer b: Poetry
Answer c: Rhythm
Answer d: Rhyme

Question 8 : Who wrote the 1976 book “Roots”?
Answer a: Alex Haley
Answer b: Frank Herbert
Answer c: James Dickey
Answer d: James A. Michener

Question 9 : What was Hillary Clinton’s maiden name?
Answer a: Burke
Answer b: Henson
Answer c: Johnson
Answer d: Rodham

Question 10 : To cause a delay that if often unnecessary is to?
Answer a: Back Off
Answer b: Ignore
Answer c: Procrastinate
Answer d: Put Off

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