Phantom Weights–Football

Phantom Weighted Compression Sleeves are revolutionizing the way athletes train! No complex training programs required, no unnecessary time wasted–simply wear the sleeves during your usual practice or training session and become more powerful in those exact, game specific movements!

Phantom Weighted Sleeves combine compression sleeves with thin, flexible metal weights to strategically place a small amount of weight (4oz or 8oz) on the arms and/or legs for use during training or practice. The flexible weights contour to the body giving a comfortable, sleek fit that doesn’t hinder mobility


Strategic and optimal weight placement on the body allows the athlete to SAFELY add resistance and target the EXACT muscles used during sport specific movements (swinging, throwing, running) without compromising mechanics. Since the weight is on the body the athlete can incorporate the sleeves into any drill and ENHANCE every rep they take


By adding resistance DIRECTLY to the athlete’s sport specific movements, the athlete becomes more POWERFUL in those motions. More power translates to INCREASED ARM SPEED when throwing, INCREASED HAND SPEED when swinging and INCREASED SPEED and EXPLOSION when running and jumping

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