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Deep Rock Galactic (PC Steam)
Version: Update 29, Hotfix 8

Cycle Overload Update Notes (Update 29):
▼ Fixed The Penalty Not Working Properly
▲ Lowered The Spread Penalty = x2 to x1.5

Cycle Overload (Unstable)
▲ +1 Damage
▲ +2 Rate of Fire
▼ +0.5s Reload
▼ x1.5 Base Spread

Mission: Hazard 5 – Elimination 2/2 – Solo
Biome: Magma Core

Class: Engineer

Primary Weapon: “Warthog” Auto 210
➊ Overstuffed Magazine (+2 Mag Size)
➋ Loaded Shells (+2 Bullets)
➌ High Capacity Magazine (+3 Mag Size)
➍ Bigger Pellets (+1 Damage)
➎ Miner Adjustments (+0.5 Rate Of Fire, +Automatic Fire)
➏ Unstable OC: Cycle Overload (+1 Damage, +2 Rate Of Fire, +0.5s Reload, x1.5 Base Spread)

Secondary Weapon: Breach Cutter
➊ Prolonged Power Generation (+1.5 Projectile Lifetime)
➋ Condensed Plasma (+175 Beam DPS)
➌ Loosened Node Cohesion (+1 Plasma Beam Width)
➍ Disruptive Frequency Tuning (Stuns Enemies For 3s)
➎ Explosive Goodbye (The Beam Explodes by firing again or at the end of it’s lifecycle, damaging enemies and creating a Residual Plasma Field)
➏ OC: None

🟥 Born Ready III (Guns auto-reload when stowed for 5 seconds)
🟥 Vampire IV (+5HP per melee kill vs. medium or larger enemies)
🟥 Deep Pockets IV (+15 of each mineral capacity)
🟦 Bezerker IV (Temporary fast power attack recharge, 4 min cooldown)
🟦 Dash IV (Short speed boost, 30 sec cooldown)

LMG Gun Platform:
➊ LMG MKII (+15 Sentry Ammo Capacity, +2 Damage, +5 Range)
➋ Expanded Ammo Bags (+90 Ammo)
➌ Stun (+20% Stun Chance)
➍ Hawkeye System (+15 Range, Manual Targeting via Laser Pointer)

⦿ Pickaxe mod: +1 Area Of Effect
⦿ Grenade: Plasma Burster

➊ Mining Expert (x2 Mining Speed)
➋ Rockets (Right-Click With The Laser Pointer To Fire A Rocket)
➌ Let There Be Light (+20 Light Radius)
➍ Cryo Explosion (+1 Rocket Effect Radius, x0 Rocket Damage, Rockets Cool Enemies Slowing Or Freezing Them)
➎ Bigger Explosion (+2 Rocket Effect Radius)

Personal Opinion: 😍
Cycle Overload (CycO) was technically nerfed but it’s actually just fixed from what it was supposed to be since the Base Spread penalty originally wasn’t applying properly. However the original spread penalty has been reduced, so is that technically a buff now? I’m confused… I’ll just write ‘updated’.

CycO is a straight up DPS booster that comes with the typical reduced accuracy and increased reload time penalties that seem to always come with these types. But it actually has the side effect of allowing for a completely better general combat build. Since the Rate Of Fire is so high with Cyco, it isn’t as large of an impact if you don’t take Supercharged Feed Mechanism on tier 1.

My optimal build for Cyco in 4-player Hazard 5 consists of a sustain build, taking both mag size increases along with the other DPS increasing options; extra shells, damage and full auto.

Why full mag size over full Rate Of Fire you ask? Well while the DPS you get by going max Rate Of Fire is +5/+10/+15 more (depending on weakpoint multiplier) than what you will get with max Mag Size, the max Mag Size has benefits that I consider much more valuable. It lets you kill 2 more grunts or slashers (or 1 more guard) before reloading. In this situation the extra RoF is unnecessary. It also gives you a greater leeway for reaching breakpoints against Dreadnoughts.

With max RoF setup you might miss a couple of pellets on a Dreadnought’s shell or health, causing you to have to reload or use another weapon in order to finish off the final slither and reach the breakpoint. You need to miss out on no more than 20-30 damage.

On the other hand, with max Mag Size you get a 300-500 damage leeway. So it’s just a safeguard against having to perform an extra reload. The chance of this actually happening with a full team there is minimal, if you’re at the vantage point and they aren’t it will make the difference. Having a 5-15 DPS bonus will make next to none.

You’re going to struggle a bit at range with Cyco, so I’d suggest taking a breach cutter set up with extra Projectile Lifecycle in order to reach far away targets like Menaces, Spitballers and Breeders. I also opted to take a MKII sentry with Hawekeye system in order to help cover me from spitters or other weak long distance threats. It’s also a good idea to take triple split line on the Breach Cutter, +1 AoE on your power attack and Plasma Burster grenades, just to help save on Shotgun ammo.

I really enjoyed using Cycle Overload, it gives you a larger spread but the pellets inside it pack a harder punch. So it doesn’t effect your ability to 1 shot grunts at distance too badly. My only problem with Cyco is the same as I usually get with shotgun builds, they just seem to run out of ammo so quick. You really need to make good use of the rest of your arsenal to prevent yourself from running low too fast.

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