These beautiful ladies are the Supernovas of JSE. They are some of the most hard working, supportive, and loving people I know, and whenever we all get together – whether it be in person or virtually – there’s simply a magic in the air. Many of us, including myself, have dealt with overcoming our insecurities and doubts as singers, and it’s especially more sensitive with singing because of how vulnerable the vocal instrument is. When we sing, we bare our souls for listeners to judge when we often times already judge ourselves. VOICE is the most difficult instrument to tune because all pitches we create are muscles commanded purely by our minds, not played like keys on a piano or tuned likes strings of a guitar — internal.

We’ve helped each other chip away at these negative and unnecessary voices that kept us hiding from the world and not embracing our power for fear of ridicule. By providing a safe and non-judgmental space to explore our craft, we’ve cried tears of joy for each other witnessing strides in ourselves as people and consequentially, our artistry, because they go hand in hand.

Supernovas, it’s a privilege to not only witness you grow as artists and musicians, but through our collective passion for music and the pursuit of our individual excellence, I’ve seen you all mend and strengthen yourselves by reconnecting with the child within. When we get back to the innocent fun we all use to have when we first discovered how singing made us FEEL, all the fear goes away in the presence of pure love. Please remember, YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH! THERE IS NO ONE IN ALL THE GALAXIES LIKE YOU, SUPERNOVAS. Shine brightly and EXPLODE YOUR MAGIC to all nearby. Let’s make a world full of STARS. I love you. XOXO, Miss Jess

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