Nonduality: Watch Tricia Wake Up!

This is SUCH a fun two minutes!

This is obviously the result of a successful Awakening Session. What’s NOT obvious is that fifteen minutes prior to this breakthrough I had an intellectual intent on understanding nonduality, which was not working for us at all. And I knew it never could. So, I did what I teach my student-teachers to do: a major reset. It’s too lengthy to explain, but minutes after the reset, here came the explosion.

Let me reiterate that a peak experience like this one is both unusual and unnecessary. If it wasn’t unusual, I wouldn’t have filmed it. But it was a great experience for both Tricia and myself. I never tire of watching Myself wake up.

Big thanks to Tricia for allowing me to upload this to YouTube! This video is one of over 200 that deal with The Living Method’s of Spiritual Awakening’s pathless path to nondual awakening, clearing up in nondual post-awakening, and abiding in/as Nonduality.

This is the ‘pathless path’ to the Gateless Gate! If you enjoy watching these videos, you may also want to look into the nondual unteaching that I provide on other formats:

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