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12 Egg Experiments Every Young Scientist Needs To Try

If coloring Easter eggs isn’t your thing.

Posted on Apr 3, 2015, 6:52:39 PM GMT

Kasia Galazka

BuzzFeed Staff

1. Make the eggshell disappear to create a naked egg.

The Royal Institution / Via

Did you know eggs are mostly water? Teach the little ones about osmosis while vinegar does its magic. You can get the full birthday suit instructions from the Royal Institution and play around with even more household liquids.

You need a full day for the vinegar to work, so be sure to plan ahead. (Warning: It can get a little stinky!)

2. Then bounce it!

The Royal Institution / Via

Though the shell is gone, the uncooked egg’s membrane remains intact. See at what height it splats!

3. Shrink your naked egg and plump it back up!

The Sci Guys

The Sci Guys

After a full day in corn syrup, your egg will look like a gross shriveled version of itself. Plop it back into water and observe it for another day. You’ll see it grow as the water passes through its membrane again, and for bonus fun, use a dye.

Watch this explanatory video from the Sci Guys (or get a written version here).

4. Watch an egg squeeze itself into a bottle.

Sick Science! / Via

All you need is an egg, a bottle, and some heat. Try this classic with instructions from Steve Spangler Science.

5. Grow some crystal geodes.

Feels Like Home / Via

You’ll have to grab some alum powder for this, which you can find at grocery or drugstores, or buy some online. Get the recipe at Feels Like Home.

6. Help one stay afloat.

Greensboro Science Center / Via

It doubles as a quick lesson in density too. Greensboro Science Center has the how-to.

7. Shape-shift some hard-boiled eggs into cubes.

bhofack2 / Thinkstock

Science Buddies

Eggs are about 10% protein, which allows you to reshape them with some light finagling. Learn about weak bonds and coagulation with Science Buddies at Scientific American.

8. Make a glowing rubber egg.

HooplaKidzLab / Via

Don’t forget the green ham to match! Watch the experiment over at HooplaKidzLab.

9. Literally walk on eggshells.

Sick Science! / Via

Make your idiom dreams come true with instructions from Steven Spangler Science.

10. Make a colorful volcano.

Housing a Forest / Via

Use leftover dye for a fizzy explosion to demonstrate a simple reaction using baking soda and vinegar. Turn your backyard into a mad science lab with the how-to from Housing a Forest.

11. Drop them.

Sick Science! / Via

See Newton’s law of inertia in action! Check it out at Steve Spangler Science.

12. Smash them!

Oh Happy Day / Via

OK, so this is less of an experiment and more ~*fun*~, but who could resist? Fill them with cereal, paper, glitter, or whatever your heart pleases. Find the instructions at Oh Happy Day.


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