Solid Gear Metal

In Metal Gear Solid 1 you play as Solid Snake, a genetically cloned super-soilder as he infiltrates Shadow Moses a remote military compound now under the control of terrorist super-cell unit called Foxhound. The terrorists all have super-powers because they were genetically enhanced with top secret nanomachines, Snake uses his own nanomachines to rescue Darpa chief but then master chiefs nanomachines make him have a heart attack. Then Ninja Gayden kills everyone and snake has to shoot at him so that he will reveal his true self

it turns out octogon was the ninja all the time, he reveals that he is a gay anime guy and he only built metal gear as part of his show-stopping cosplay.
*theyre gona put a dismantled nuclear missile into metal gears missile module ? – wrong they’re using metal gear as peace-walker to nuclear strike its own self in order to reverse reality. By doing this they can create an infinite amount of metal gears and sell them all for one million dollars.

Then Solid Snake gets captured by Liquid Snake. He reveals that they are twin snakes created from the same nanomachines as Mega Snake. Snake kicks Liquids head off and parachutes into the secret room where he confronts the legendary super-soilder Revolver Ocelot. Known for his legendary skill with the desert eagle gun. They both shoot each other 100 times until ocelots arm gets shot off and he backflips into the pacific ocean and swims back to australia with one arm.

Turns out everything i said was fake and staged.Liquid Snake who is actually dead, is actually a spy for the pentagon. Snake was double-crossed by his own country into being a triple agent for the Patroits.

Even though nobody is who they are anymore you have to have a fight to death with Liquid, luickly since his body is made out of water he slips off of metal gear and dies into hell.

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