►GTA SA FPS MOD◄ Boost/Optimize/Tweak FPS Android No Root No GLTools Working (Low End Device)

Boost GTA SA FPS/Increase GTA SA FPS/Tweak GTA SA FPS without GL TOOLS, without ROOTING your Phone

Hello Guys back with the more tutorial, In this video im going to
show you how to Increase Fps in GTA SA in Android Without Rooting and Without Gltools Works with Android Users. Play Gta San Andreas Run Smoothly. For low end device only.

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►FPS Optimizer for Android:


∎How it Works∎
Well this mod will also improve graphics and run smoothly by remove unnecessary effects so that will not drop fps and the second one that removes explosion (explosion can cause fps drop)
If this doesn’t works delete running apps in the background.
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►GTA SA INSTALLATION: https://goo.gl/n97JX2
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