175 – Cuckoo Coco

goddamn i’m a menace
targeting young girls and courting em like it’s tennis
Having sex for the fuck of it
Screaming like she’s scared but I know that she’s loving it
Speaking in pigeon
(3 bird call) all the birds come and listen
I’m the battery boy
Vibrating like I’m a broads electric toy
Cos I’m Walking up stairs behind girls in skirts
Then going home to jack it off until that shit hurts
While I’m sipping on the blood of my enemies
And I’m smoking they ashes like it’s hashish or some canna b’s
Lock it down occupying with my army
I’m a wild bear while you a chicken like parmy
I sound so alarming
Beat the ear drum damaging like self harming

20 on re entry
I’m living in the future when you in the present century
I’m a trooper kill the sentry
Explosion in the dome when the canister gets empty

Check my arrogance
Battling sexual harassment charges
Its not my fault she had to do it for her backstage passes
I didnt know she 16 and meant to be in classes
I really couldnt see i must admit i need glasses
But now she on my mind she got my knees weak
To be or not to be argue myself for at least 3 weeks
But peep the beat while I wreck it with wicked speak
Dropping the kinda lines that got your tongue in your cheek
You be like damn son he dropping another anthem
Then youre just begging I want more and then some
Tantrums begin as you thinning out of my old tracks
Thanks for even listening but stop acting like my shit is crack
You cant smoke it homie so just relax
Chill the fuck out ill keep it flowing like taps
And its like that if they biting your toes then bite back
Take over the game then crash that plane fucking hijack

Call me a terrorist but damn smart the cleverest
Nothing can better this i shred it like lettuce is
infectious like tetanus build it up tet-r-is
Then level that shit flat my lines is beat detonators

Music: January 2019, Video: March 2019

Shout outs to Luke for co-directing, filming and producing.
Shout outs to my friends for putting up with my unnecessary bullshit.

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