Let’s just say that someone said in reddit that no one have popped a video of the Final Boss without cheesing with the rather famous strategy of having Riley buffed with “Attack Weak Spot” and “Explosion Boost” orders so I decided to pop this one out. I would do the other missions but as you can see in just 1s of this video, I have already completed fully in terms of Story and Post-game Story. I didn’t touch Challenge and Expert Skirmish though because I have to rack up more brain power and I’m honestly lazy to pull them through. Especially Challenge Skirmish 1. That one is just lazy in terms of design. Of course, that’s just me.

I tried to replicate what I have done in my Post Game version of the Final Battle, Mistakes were made and due to the changes done in the Post game version, it’s not a perfect replication of what I have done but it is pretty much nearly the same. Said Mistakes were calling a Grenadier on the 3rd Camp instead of a Shocktrooper. Yeah that’s pretty much it.

In my first attempt of this mission though, I just kind of Yolo it and I have 5 people going KO’d on my ass including Hafen. I wasn’t used to how the Tank moved. I mean seriously this one practically attacks in two directions, one if you left the main cannon alone so you have to somehow have your units be guarded on these two sides or you might get a Tank Shell to your face.

And while it is completely unnecessary to capture all camps as you can see in this video, I’ll just say that you will have to for the Post Game Version of this mission and like I said, It’s a replication of my run of said version.

Also can I just say that Lophius is just straight up Batomys from VC 1? Think about it. Batomys is a huge tank with many turrets on it and is covered on all sides, able to take down the entire camp by mowing through them and have special protection of it’s Radiators. Lophius have the same things, just have different executions. You can also think of Lophius as Vulcan + Batomys, Vulcan because all of it’s turrets can fire their interception weapon while the tank is moving. Just like Vulcan.

And what about the Submarine? Having the BGM of the Dandarius back in VC 2, having to deal with a type of ship, have a (most likely) OHKO Field Effect and it’s a form of a Cannon shooting it, You board the ship and destroy turrets or in VC 2’s case, Radiators of the turrets. The difference is there but also too much of a coincidence. Are they lazy or is this a throwback? If it’s the latter I sure hell appreciate it.

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