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Good medical morning! This is Watson from world’s greatest medical and today we are going to talk about pimple popping. Ok. No surprise there, but more specificaly we are going to talk about lancets. Are they really worthwhile?

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As you know, high quality pimple popping kits include a lancet, but what are they used for and are they worth using?
And for reference, there is a link to our favorite pimple popping kit in the link below. It is under $20 and it makes a great gift. Oh yeah, and don’t be fooled by cheap knockoffs. This one is the best of the best.

Sohave you ever had a pesky pimple or yst that never formed a head. It just sat there, big a sore… never ready to pop? That’s when you enlist a lancet. Just poke a tiny hole with the lacnet and that pesky closed comedone is ready for popping.

Couple that with a loop tool and you can pop that pimple without bruising or unnecessary damage.

So there you go folks! Are lanets worthwhile? Absolutely.


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